Incy Interiors - Conversion kit - Ivy

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Incy Interiors - Conversion kit - Ivy

The perfect addition to your Ivy Cot for when it comes time to get your babe ready for their big bed transition.

The Ivy Conversion Kit works seamlessly with the Ivy Cot by simply removing one of the Cots sides and securing the Conversion Kit in place. This gives your babe the freedom of an open side and consequently, ease them into the autonomy that comes with their first bed. Our Ivy Conversion Kit will work with any Ivy Cot manufactured after the 31st June 2014.

Dimensions: 130.3cm L x 23.6cm H x 1cm W

• Expertly handcrafted from strong and sturdy aluminium
• Chrome plated in a non-toxic, metallic nickel finish with low VOC's
• Each conversion kit comes with one piece to attach to one side of your Ivy Cot
• Compatible with Ivy Cots purchased after the 31st of June 2014
• Made in Taiwan
• 10 year manufacturing warranty
• For best cleaning results, wipe over with a soft, micro fibre cloth