Make Me Iconic- Sequin Purse - Fairybread

Make Me Iconic- Sequin Purse - Fairybread

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Make Me Iconic- Sequin Purse - Fairybread

Remember when you were six and your birthday was something to get excited about? Really, really excited about?

Presents, games, some balloons, all your friends, a giant cake and of course fairy bread. Sugary, rainbow coloured hundreds and thousands coating spongy white bread. Mmmmm. Almost better than blowing out the candles and making a wish. Almost.

We decided that we loooooooooooooooooved fairy bread so much but perhaps not the sugar rush or calories and decided to re-create our favourite party treat in these gorgeous little purses that can fit all your little bits and pieces - all looking fabulous and very glamorous at the same time.

Made with sequins, fabric and beading.

Finished flat size 8cm (W) x 20cm (L)

Sequins, cotton lined and metal zip.