Paola Reina - Gordis Doll - Brunette - Daisy Green Eyes

Paola Reina - Gordis Doll - Brunette - Daisy Green Eyes

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Paola Reina - Gordis Doll - Brunette - Daisy Green Eyes

Daisy is a beautiful 34cm baby girl with gorgeous green eyes and beautiful brunette hair styled in cute little pigtrails.

Please note dolls don't come with clothing.

She has a vinyl body that is soft to touch, with moveable head, arms and legs that can be placed in standing or sitting positions.

Her life like silky hair can be brush and styled. Her handcrafted eyelashes, freckles, cheeks, lips and hair make the doll look so natural that you will fall in love with her instantly.

Her light vanilla scent, cute angelic features and sweet life like eyes that twinkle and delight make him a special friend and will make the perfect gift for children of all ages.

The Gordis dolls range is from leading Spanish doll makers Paola Reina and are entirely handcrafted in Spain using only the finest European materials.

All dolls are made from high quality durable Non Toxic PVC, Free from phthalates.  The Vinyl is soft to touch and completly safe for children.

This doll measures 34cm and comes without clothing.

Suitable for Ages 3+

Made in Spain

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Photos by Chelsea Woolston at Little Dottie