Paola Reina Doll - Kate

Paola Reina Doll - Kate

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Paola Reina Doll - Kate

Kate  is dressed in Black & White Butterfly Motif Dress.

This charming doll will win the heart of your kid from the very first minutes!

The doll’s arms, head and legs turn, you can put her in a standing and a sitting positions. She has large eloquent eyes, made from safe transparent plastic and thick eyelashes.

Paola Reina dolls are handmade (eyelashes, freckles, cheeks, lips, hair) which makes the dolls look so natural that their faces look as if the doll is alive.  Their hair looks natural, is easy to comb and it silky soft.  

Exclusive clothes made from high-quality textiles can bepurchased seperatley.  

Role-playing with a doll stimulates the development of visual thinking, imagination and speech.

Paola Reina dolls have a slight vanilla aroma.

Material:high-quality vinyl without ethers

Size: 32cm 

Made in Spain.