Sonny Angel - Mini Figure - Flower Gift


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Sonny Angel - Mini Figure - Flower Gift

A Sonny Angel Lion figure delivers flowers and warm feelings.
This new Sonny Angel special series is sure to be a new favorite among fans.
Sonny Angel Lions are presenting flowers and have manes decorated with matching blossoms.

The Sunflower, Daisy and Rose each has a specific meaning… longing, hope and beauty respectively.
These mini figures will help you convey your feelings of love and appreciation to the recipient.

Everyone is so happy to have it! Decorate and heal! The Sonny Angel Lion figure can be used for all occasions of giving a bouquet. It is also recommended as a small gift.

6 kinds + Secrets and Robby Angel!  Sold blind-boxed.


The flower language of the sunflower is “admiration”, “passion”, “only looking at you”, etc. There are many positive messages, and it is a perfect flower for when you want to send an ale to someone you care about, or for a proposal.


The flower language of roses often symbolizes “love” and “beauty,” and red roses mean “I love you.” Purple roses seem to convey romantic messages such as “pride” and ”respect”.


Daisy’s flower language has bright meanings such as “peace,” “hope,” and “energy.” so it is likely to deliver the message you want to send to your loved ones strongly and straightforwardly.

Rainbow Sunflower ※Secret

Rainbow sunflower. A rainbow is said to be a symbol of good luck, such as “wishes come true” and “good things are about to happen.” You will be able to convey a special message suitable for a secret figure.