Janod - Magnetic Book - Mix & Match


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Janod - Magnetic Book - Mix & Match

Styled like a book, this sturdy magnetic box sits open for ease of use. Perfect for travel with the littlie ones or a fantastic addition to the playroom.

The Janod Mix and Match Magnetibook is an ideal place to start your magnetibook collection. 72 magnets are included to form the images of 8 animal picture cards using 9 magnets for each. Copy the picture cards or create your own weird animals, the results are hilarious! 

The lid of the FSC box contains a magnetic backing board to place your pictures on and when it is packed up, it looks like a book, so not only does everything store neatly inside it will look great on the shelf as well.

The Mix & Match Magnetibook is small enough to sit on your lap and once play is finished, just close the lid and pop the magnetic book away making it perfect for travel.

Dimensions: 19cm x 4cm x 26cm

Age: 3 - 8 years