Make Me Iconic - Aussie Food


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Make Me Iconic - Aussie Food

MMM-mmm, you can almost smell the sausages sizzling on the barbie!

It’s finally lunch time with our iconic Aussie Munchies set, and what will your order be today? A sausage sandwich (tomato sauce of course) a serve of hot chips, or a good old fashioned burger with the lot?

Finished off with your favourite Aussie treat, and you’ve just experienced a classic Australian feed.

Made from beautiful wood and featuring soft fabric extras, this munchies set is all about celebrating the quirky treats that we love the most.

It’s perfect for a long day of imaginative play at home, or as a gift for friends from afar.

Ages 3 years +

Sturdy wooden construction

Box size cm (L) x cm (H) x cm (W)

Complete with the following wooden toys –

3 part stackable lamington (with Velcro)

4 x pavlova slices (with Velcro)

Sausage with felt bread and fabric serviette

Meat pie

Bottle of tomato sauce

Toast with knife

Jar of toast spread with lid

Cup of 11 chips

Fairy bread triangles (with Velcro)

Burger including bun top + bottom, felt lettuce, beef patty, beetroot, pineapple, felt cheese, felt egg, felt egg and paper burger tray

Designed to comply with Australian & New Zealand toy standards with non-toxic paint. This toy also meets the European & American safety standards.

NOT to be used with water or any liquid which is standard for any wooden toy.

This is a pretend play toy only

Make Me Iconic own the © copyright of this toy