Make Me Iconic - Mini Cars


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Make Me Iconic - Mini Cars

A cute collection of Iconic Australian vehicles.

You know you are a Aussie Kid when you eat Weet-Bix for breakfast (and know the theme song by heart) or if you know what it means to say "it's going straight to the pool room". To be an Aussie Kid you have to have the real Aussie stuff and not the stuff we are forced to have because we don't have an iconic substitute available. So we felt every Aussie Kid should also have a set of rare Aussie wood vehicles in their home to just simply play with. We usually get stuck with the London Bus or New York Taxi versions of toy cars

So dream of being an Aussie Fire Fighter, or a Aussie Police Officer, or the local happy-go-lucky Posty. Any profession that involves wheels and the need to get somewhere quick to save the day will do. Or enjoy the simple daydreams about rolling down to the beach in an Aussie Ute to check the waves over bright lights and sirens. Whatever they’re into, your little ones have hours of fun ahead of them with our iconic Aussie vehicle set.

Cars includes some of the funnest machines on the road, from the iconic Holden Sandman Panel Van to the trusty little retro-orange Ute, to the Big Red Fire Truck (not the British one!). Made from wood and made for endless imaginative play with their mates.


Ages 2+