Salt Water - Sun-San Swimmer - Shiny Fushia


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Salt Water - Sun-San Swimmer - Shiny Fushia

The Swimmer in shiny fuchsia is part of our premium range and comes in a patent finish in a lovely vibrant shade of pink. 

The Swimmer sandal is based on the original Salt-Water sandal featuring a woven leather upper with buckled ankle strap.

The differences are the Swimmer is only available for kids and has a slightly narrower fitting.

Like all Sun-San Sandals, the Swimmer comes on a spongy soft sole with rust proof buckles.

As with all Salt Water sandals they can be worn in the water and handwashed with a gentle detergent - perfect for holidays!

Please note that Sun-San sandals size differently from Salt-Water Sandals and are not typical US sizes.

How should sandals fit?

A snug fit at the back is optimum; you don’t want your heel to be hanging over the back of the sole. Salt-Water Sandals are designed to fit close at the heel. Remember to take your toes all the way to the stitch mark to create any extra space needed at the heel. Toes should sit on or just below the stitch line. Allow a little extra space for growing feet.